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Our Solutions

We provide a range of tailor-made solutions as per your needs.
Content Management System

Our content management system is comprises IPTV, Digital-over-Coax, Head-end & Signal Management, Hotel TV, GUI over Coax & Smart Perimeter Surveillance services.

Guest Engagement App

We enable hotels to deliver a perfect guest experience through a personalised engagement mobile application.

Network & WI-FI

We have a solid expertise in building (Local Area Networks) LAN and Wi-Fi wireless LAN (WLAN).

Smart Perimeter Surveillance

We provide CCTV system over an IP network to enable users to view, record and manage the video footprints locally or remotely.

Structured Cabling

We can handle a variety of low voltage cabling system, including optical fibre.


Our Advanced Integrator Partnership with Fortinet allows us to provide security-driven networking solutions.